Hope City

by Jonathan Strickland

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Verse One

Staying classy San Diego, yeah I'm on my Tony Stark game.
Stupid flow, magnifico, I'm on my Michael Scott game.
Superman unchained, get your rally caps going.
Strengthened by the Son, it's the reason why I'm floating to the top. Well, and my Pepper Potts.
Condition of the heart, probably starts with the intentions of your thoughts.
Yeah, I'mma take the shot. Plus it's not about the thrill ‘cause we living in a world where we go by what we feel.
Get my bow and arrow ‘cause I'm going for the kill.
Should I rap the money and the cars to get a deal?
No, I'm not the same, can't be tamed.
Call me Wayne, with a little bit of venom Bane.
Fire for miles, trapped on this earth for awhile.
Know that we're all in denial, let's make it all worth our while.
Accept The Lord gives you trials to make us all versatile.

Chorus (2x first chorus 3x last chorus)

To the left, to the right, c'mon, c'mon.
Hands up in the sky, wave ‘em side to side.
In the front, to back, c'mon, c'mon.
Feel it in the song, it's the beat that make you nod.

Verse Two

That's the way the cookie crumbles, yeah I'm on my Killer Croc game.
Count it all as loss, that's a gain, think what you overcame.
Savage Wolverine, you won't hear me when I'm coming.
All these rappers try to flex, I've just barely started strutting.
Find it very comical we find relief in chronicle.
Kick it with my team, we go higher than impossible.
Don't put me in a box, ‘cause I'm breaking all the obstacles.
Hope’s in all my rhymes, does that make me feel unstoppable?
Well, yes and no, I'd be lying if I said this was the easy road.
Running with a pack of rogues, all in Jesus name.
If you’re all about the fame, know we are not the same.
‘Cause my life is hidden, go ahead and bring the rain.
It's in our deepest struggles that we learn to fight the pain.
Yeah, ya feel me?


released January 22, 2014
Production Credits: P.A.T Junior

Artwork: Ty Johnson



all rights reserved


Jonathan Strickland Huntsville, Alabama

Out of Huntsville, AL, Jonathan Strickland wants to show the world creative art through the gift of music. He is currently booking shows for the 2016 year. Contact him for information through Facebook or at jstricklandmusic@gmail.com

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